Giorgi Aleksidze Foundation for the Development of Contemporary Choreography

In 2011, Marina, Nino, Dimitri, Irine, Ana and Mariam Aleksidze established Giorgi Aleksidze Foundation for the Development of Contemporary Choreography.
Keeping Giorgi Aleksidze's choreographic legacy, sharing it with future generations and promoting it is an important task of the Foundation.
The Foundation's goal is also the development and promotion of contemporary Georgian ballet; implementation of projects that help active choreographers and dancers unlock their potential.
The Foundation is planning to organize master classes by famous contemporary dance teachers and choreographers, implement social projects and projects for children. The Foundation is a partner of South Caucasus Contemporary Dance Festival which regularly offers master classes and workshops in contemporary dance and choreography.
The Foundation's Chairwoman, choreographer Mariam Aleksidze launched a project entitled Fantasy on the Georgian Folklore Theme. Vakhtang Chabukiani started this tradition of developing the Georgian ballet, staging ballets based on the Georgian theme, such as Heart of the Mountains, Light, Gorda, The Demon and others. Giorgi Aleksidze continued this tradition and presented Georgian ballets through his own, different vision. This process established a kind of laboratory since contemporary Georgian composers and artists also participated in the creation of these performances. This is how Dali and a Hunter, Berikaoba, Gurian Songs, Medea, The Amazons, Pirosmani, Diplipito, The Demon and others were created.
Mariam Aleksidze staged seven Georgian ballets in cooperation with Georgian artists. In 2009 Dovin-Doven-Dovli based on the poetry of Galaktion was staged - in memory of Giorgi Aleksidze. In 2011, this time under the aegis of the Foundation, the following performances were staged: Acharpani, based on the theme of the Abkhazian folklore, Alva, based on Khevsur myths, in cooperation with Rustaveli Theater, Harira, a choreography based on Jansugh Kakhidze's songs and Gurji-Khatun, based on Dato Turashvili's Novel, in cooperation with Rustaveli Theater, Shakespeare.Love, a Choreographic Fantasy based on various plays and sonnets by Shakespeare, Khamsa Contemporary Ballet based on the Persian miniatures of Nizami Ganjavi’s poems.