Amateur Contemporary Dance Classes

Programme Description

  • Anyone from age 15 and Higher
  • Previous training or dancing experience are not required

Power up your mind, body and artistic spirit and join us at the contemporary dance lessons!

Learning dancing fosters physical and aesthetic development in a person, promotes diligence, discipline and the sense of responsibility. Choreographic education enhances the sense of rhythm, the ability to remember and repeat in any person regardless of their dancing qualifications and potential. It helps develop flexibility, coordination, the ability to perceive the character of dance and music. It relieves tension and frees imagination. In the process of learning, one develops both the skill of contemporary dance as perception, remembering and repeating and the skill of presenting the learnt and already refined compositions and presenting oneself. Contemporary dance adds the air of freedom and lightness to everyday life.

Detailed information and registration form can be found on our website.

Head of educational programmes:
Marina Aleksidze, manager and chief ballet master of Giorgi Aleksidze Tbilisi Contemporary Ballet Company

Contact Person:
Mariam Razmadze, administrator of the educational direction of Giorgi Aleksidze Tbilisi Contemporary Ballet Company
Mobile phone number: 598 595 198