In 2016, Tbilisi City Hall founded Giorgi Aleksidze Tbilisi Contemporary Ballet chamber company

The wish and goal of Mariam Aleksidze and the like-minded people around her were to establish a chamber company in Tbilisi - Giorgi Aleksidze Tbilisi Contemporary Ballet, so they proposed this idea to Tbilisi City Council and the City Hall.

In 2016, Tbilisi City Hall made an important and timely decision for our art scene by founding a contemporary ballet chamber company “Tbilisi Contemporary Ballet” which was named after a famous Georgian choreographer, Giorgi Aleksidze. “Tbilisi Contemporary Ballet” is the first contemporary ballet chamber company in Georgia supported by the state.

Giorgi Aleksidze Tbilisi Contemporary Ballet: Vision and Goals

Tbilisi’s contemporary, young, innovative company will, on the one hand, preserve Giorgi Aleksidze’s diverse and rich choreographic legacy and, on the other, become a platform for young choreographers and dancers. Staging performances will become a lively creative process, a kind of laboratory that will involve composers, musicians, artists, actors, playwrights, writers, masters of various theatre technologies, creating Georgian productions of contemporary dance theatre. The existence of such a company will show the Western contemporary art that not only does Georgia have a rich past of ballet and choreography traditions but that it is also abreast with the processes unfolding in Europe.

The company will also aim to develop and promote the field, implement educational projects in Tbilisi and regions. To study contemporary ballet professionally, the first contemporary dance college in Georgia will be established in association with the company. It will introduce and develop various techniques and trends of modern ballet and contemporary dance.

As soon as the chamber company was established, its administrative and creative team was staffed with very experienced, interesting and strong individuals. Later on, the company announced the admission of dancers, giving many of them an opportunity to present their skills. Today, the company consists of nine dancers of particular individuality, special qualities, appearance and technical skills, who, together with the Artistic Director of the company, choreographer Mariam Aleksidze, are the face of Tbilisi Contemporary Ballet. Its main idea is free thinking in choreography, searching for pure forms in art and aspiring to the process of constant development while preserving traditions.