Mariam Aleksidze

Mariam Aleksidze, professional dancer, ballet master, choreographer, was born in 1978 into a family of prominent choreographer and professor Giorgi Aleksidze and principal ballet dancer and ballet master Marina Aleksidze.

Mariam is the Chairwoman of Giorgi Aleksidze Foundation for the Development of Contemporary Choreography in Georgia and the Artistic Director of Giorgi Aleksidze Tbilisi Contemporary Ballet chamber company.

In 1986, film director Sergo Parajanov cast young dancer Mariam in his film Ashik-Kerib. Giorgi Aleksidze was the choreographer. She was still a school student when she participated in the joint projects of Zakaria Paliashvili State Opera and Ballet Theatre’s ballet company and The Three Caravelles production company from Monte Carlo, in the performances: “From Columbus to Broadway“,premiere was held in Italy at the “Thermes of Caracalla” of Rome and “Scheherazade“, Choreographer Giorgi Aleksidze, guest dancer Maya Plisetskaja, Premiere was held in Spain. Together with Maria Theatre (St.Petersbourg) participated  in the Oratorio “Era of Aquarius“ by Sofia Gubaidulina, guest singer Galina Vishnevskaya, choreographer of the project Giorgi Aleksidze, stage designer Muraz Murvanidze, musical director and conductor Mstislav Rostropovich.

After completing her studies at the Tbilisi Vakhtang Chabukiani Choreographic School, in 1994, she was awarded Prima Ballerina Natalia Makarova Scholarship to continue her education at the Swiss Ballet-Berufschule (SBBS) in Zurich. After graduating, she received an engagement at the Zurich Opera and Ballet Theatre – Opernhaus Zürich (Switzerland) under the supervision of choreographer Heinz Spoerli. In 1999-2011, Mariam Aleksidze was a soloist at Zakaria Paliashvili State Opera and Ballet Theatre. She had solo and lead parts in the classical, neo-classical and contemporary ballets of the company’s repertoire. In 2008, Mariam participated in the Swiss International Coaching Project for Choreographers (SIWIC). In 2009, she received an invitation to participate in the tours of The Crown of Classical Ballet Russian ballet company as a soloist. She taught contemporary dance in Experimental School No 6 and at Maka Makharadze’s Vera District Dance Class ballet studio.

Mariam Aleksidze staged her first performance in 2009 – a contemporary ballet, Dovin-Doven-Dovli…, based on Galaktion Tabidze’s poetry which she presented at the Rustaveli Theatre, dedicating it to one-year anniversary of the death of her father, Giorgi Aleksidze.

In 2012, as a choreographer, completed V. Sarajishvili Tbilisi State Conservatoire Higher Programme of  Ballet master - Choreographers.

Mariam Aleksidze is the first professional woman choreographer of contemporary ballet in Georgia.

 At the very beginning of her choreographic career, Mariam established Giorgi Aleksidze Foundation for the Development of Contemporary Choreography.

In 2011, Mariam Aleksidze had an idea to implement a project entitled Fantasia on the Georgian Folklore Theme, with which she would continue Giorgi Aleksidze’s tradition and stage contemporary ballets on the Georgian theme. The series of performances would be based on the myths and legends from various parts of Georgia as well as on the literary and historical works. As a result of developing this genre, a certain laboratory was established – contemporary Georgian composers and artists, too, participated in the creation of performances. The contemporary ballets staged within the framework of the project were presented on the Grand Stage of Rustaveli Theatre.

In 2012, led the European tours of Anna Grogol-Aleksidze’s Enterprise.

In 2013-2016, she was the Artistic Director of South Caucasus Contemporary Dance Festival, carrying out numerous educational projects to develop and promote contemporary dance throughout the South Caucasus.

In 2009-2018 Mariam Aleksidze has staged 11 full-scale and 10 small contemporary ballets and four children’s performances for Maka Makharadze’s Vera District Dance Class ballet studio. When creating her original ballets, she worked with ballet and drama theatre actors, Georgian composers, directors, artists and musicians. Mariam Aleksidze worked productively in the drama theatre, at Shota Rustaveli Theatre, she worked as a choreographer with Robert Sturua on the play Asulni (Ascended), a fantasy based on P. Kakabadze’s plays; She staged the choreography for the 2014 Saba Literary Award Ceremony.

In 2010, Mariam Aleksidze started her work on restoring Giorgi Aleksidze’s choreography in Georgia and Russia. In 2014 Within the framework of South Caucasus Contemporary Dance and Experimental Art Festival, she organized at the Factory Theatre a theatricalized conference dedicated to the work of Giorgi Aleksidze. while in 2018, with the support from the Ministry of Culture, published together with Marina Aleksidze a unique book by Giorgi Aleksidze.

The greatest achievement for Mariam Aleksidze and the like-minded people around her was the establishment of the first contemporary ballet company – Giorgi Aleksidze Tbilisi Contemporary Ballet – by Tbilisi City Hall in 2016. The company is special on account of Mariam Aleksidze’s artistic vision – to preserve the unique style typical for Georgian choreography.

Since 2016 Mariam Aleksidze has been staging original contemporary ballets for the company.